10 Productive Team Building Activities That Actually Work

After someone finishes and submits their drawing, everyone else submits a title anonymously that could fit the other player’s drawing. These titles can be humorous or serious, it’s up to each player. The goal is to find the correct drawing prompt while fooling others into selecting decoy answer. Bonus points are awarded to the decoys that are particularly clever or funny. It can easily be played over Zoom or other video calling software, as well as in person.

  • After about one minute of trying to recreate the model, ask another member to come up for a “sneak peek” before going back to their team and telling them how to recreate the sculpture.
  • We use them regularly to boost employee morale and bond with our teammates.
  • Remove all the puzzles from their boxes, then redistribute an equal number of pieces from each puzzle into each box.
  • Icebreakers are short games that help people get to know each other in an informal setting.
  • Every player uses their phone or tablet as a controller, so it’s important that everyone has access to a device.

Create your own bingo board (here’s a great resource) with fun, out-of-the-box items for each square. As you’ll notice, the activities below range from active/outdoorsy to more laid-back in order to accommodate people’s preferences and comfort levels. Remember, while some may be more extroverted, there are likely some quieter introverts on the team as well. The goal is to host fun games that foster teamwork and a collaborative spirit for everyone. Team bonding activities take getting to know your team members and colleagues to the next level. These are activities that players can put more of their personality into and show more of who they are.

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Have your team stand in that space, and shrink the space regularly, say every two minutes. Team members randomly select pennies, then share a significant event that happened to them during the year stamped on the penny. Give them four objects that have no obvious utility in this situation. Gather a group of objects that are, at first glance, unrelated.

Now, team members ask each other yes or no questions to figure out their label. Team members ask questions of each other to try to guess what the secret label is on their back, then have to find their pair. Tell them the marshmallow must be whole, but other pieces can be broken up.

The team moderator then shares it with the team, and the first person to guess who the screenshot belongs to gets 5 points. If you skip this step, you run the risk of initiating a team building session that your employees find useless or perhaps even silly. Though this event is the most expensive team building event, it makes the entire team feel extremely valued. The team member with the picture/object must instruct their teammate to draw what’s in their hands without saying what it is. One team member will have a pencil and a piece of paper, and the other will have an object or picture. The team leader must give verbal instructions to their blind team members on how to build the shelter.

team building activities for work

Their workflows are just a repeating cycle of review, review, and some more reviews. The most common sight in the workplace is gloomy faces and https://globalcloudteam.com/ droopy shoulders. By signing up, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and to receiving marketing communication from Toggl Track.

Finally, tighten the loop, lift the bucket, and walk it over to the large bucket. Similar to the picture pieces game, but with no drawing or painting skills required. But fret no more, for this time no missing piece is going to be able to stop you from rightfully claiming your crown. Sit back and do your thing, as you see your counterparts buckle down under the pressure. There are numerous online multiplayer jigsaw puzzles available, like the ones here. This game is fairly simple and requires each player to keep their eyes wide open without blinking, while the clock ticks.

If the mere sight of this word did not scare you out of your wits, you can take this challenge head-on! As per the Spelling Bee custom that has been around since 1925, a participant is required to spell out the words that are verbally presented to him/her. We put together certain images for you to get started with this game! If only we had a dollar for every time we heard someone go ‘It’s on my bucket list too!

One person in a team will tell a story of an adventure or process. This could be anything from traveling through the jungle or navigating around a city to building a house or planning a large dinner party. Set a timer and instruct everyone to move around the room asking different people yes or no questions until they guess correctly or time runs out.

Team Building Exercises

Each team member draws or paints a piece of a larger, well-known image, without knowing what the “big picture” is. Here’s the catch —the drawing cannot include letters, words, or numbers. The group with the highest number of right guesses takes home the trophy. But it’s still essential to budget your time and money before initiating any team bonding session. Virtual game shows are a fun way to energize your remote team. This is a fantastic team building event for large groups and small groups alike.

team building activities for work

It’s a way of getting to know your colleagues along with working on some skills together. Don’t worry, even if you’re an amateur at drawing, you can still be a part of this fun activity that is a quick take on Pictionary. These activities may give you the inspiration and motivation to build stronger and more successful company teams. But, remember there are other opportunities to bond your team, so don’t stress too much about planning out everything in exact detail. Similar to Power Point Karaoke, slide show is a improv game which involves a group presentation.

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No, it’s not a public appeal to listen to a famous cover! We promise it’s an actual workplace activity that really helps with building the communication skills of individuals. It is a long-running team-building activity that can be done every day. In a common area like a break room, leave a book with markers or pens. On each page, you can leave a prompt or ask a question for each day.

team building activities for work

When this happens in a fun activity, it can then turn into collaboration on a project down the road. Another key benefit of team building activities is improving team building communication in your team. Team building activities are fun ways to help colleagues understand each other and how the others around them work and communicate.


Team members solve puzzles to try and escape from one “zombie” team member before they run out of time and space. Once each team member is finished, they work together to assemble their individual pieces into a recreation of the original image. The final product can be displayed in the office or workspace. Ask them to recreate it on a piece of paper or canvas 5, 10, or 20 times larger than the original image.

A bucket list is a list of things a person wants to do or experience in his/her lifetime. It could include small victories like learning to fly a kite, or monumental ones like becoming a television host — and then the President of a country. Once you determine which areas need improvement, you will be in a better position to organize your team bonding activities. You can also include fun games to strengthen the team bond.

To tap into your team’s creativity and communication skills, try bridge build. The premise for the game is the perfect setup to teach risk management and foster teamwork. It shows that every role is needed to reach the long-term and tough goals. To win, teams must retrieve a ping pong ball from the pipe by filling it up with water and floating the ball to the top. Participants will need to work together using the cups to carry the water from the bucket to the pipe, relay race style with cups of water to fill it. After planning, the team is given 5 minutes to execute their plan.

Quick Team Building Games And Activities

Give the participant one-minute to silently act out their alternative use for the object; for example, a stapler could be used as a fork or a trumpet. While they’re acting, others in the group try to guess what they’re mimeing. Every person who correctly guesses the alternative use gets a point. Once the minute is over, the next person will do the same and so on. Storytellers will be put on the spot and have to think fast.

These fun yet challenging activities are a sure way to bring an aura of constructive energies to the work environment, consequently enhancing the productivity levels of the team. You can create cards with photos and names of team members or with company information like products, logos, and values. Face these cards down on a table and then break into teams. Create a set of names, which can be celebrities and icons like Beyonce or Mickey Mouse or types of professions like actor, football player or doctor. You can use Post-It notes or tape and small slips of paper. Each team is given 10 minutes to put together a 2 to 3 minutes skit that uses each of the items.

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Every organization needs a positive company culture to succeed. A negative atmosphere will make employees less productive during the day, feel anxious or angry about coming to work, and sometimes can make them go so far as to quit. Effective corporate leaders understand that sometimes company culture can get toxic or negative. Their biggest priority is to help ensure that everyone works well together so that things can get done well, and every team member has a good experience at their job. Split the entire group into teams of two, and have them sit back to back either on the ground or in chairs. One member of each team will get the pen and paper, and the other will receive the basic shape or simple line drawing.

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You may have seen “Heads Up!” being played on the Ellen Show. He or she has to guess the item on the card based on clues from their team. The object of this post-modern team building activity is to create a new team building activity. Basically, you complete sentences with random words, then read the story out loud. In this version, you apply the game to your company mission statement.

The shelters can be built from small objects, such as pieces of paper, toothpicks, and paper clips, or participants can assemble an actual tent or other pre-fabricated structure. The team moderator begins the activity by saying “I’m going on a trip and I have to pack my grandmother’s trunk”. Each member then says which item they’d pick to pack inside the trunk, and come up with a bizarre explanation for the same. The person with the most creative answer is declared the winner of this team building activity.

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