AM&P Network’s
CEO Council

The CEO Council is an exclusive peer-to-peer group providing time-starved, purpose-driven CEOs in the business information, events and technology industries with a high-value platform; strategic guidance and a powerful network.   

Who is on the Council?

C-suite executives in the business information, events and technology industries.

Why Did We Create It?

Our businesses and the markets we serve are rapidly changing. Providing networking opportunities once or twice per year at a dedicated event is no longer enough. The CEO Council will foster broader and deeper relationships enabling CEOs to support each other’s success while expanding your professional network. The Council provides an opportunity to discuss industry and business challenges among a trusted peer group.

Where Do We Meet?

The CEO Council currently meets remotely via a roughly 60-minute Zoom call. As the world returns to normal, we will add face-to-face meetings to the agenda.

What Makes Us Unique?

1. Invitation-only for C-suite leaders.

2. Designed by members for members to efficiently get maximum value.

3. The ability to leverage across SIIA to grow your business and your professional network.

How Does It Work?

Each meeting is hosted by an executive sharing a case study outlining how they successfully embraced an opportunity or resolved a challenge. The rest of the hour is dedicated to open discussion with that CEO and the group. Unlike webinars, there are no formal presentations.


Annual membership is $5,000 per year (Most senior leadership group memberships start at $8,000 per year.)