Wednesday, June 22

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In this “Lessons from an Industry Leader,” Brief Media CEO/Founder Elizabeth Green will share insights on how investing in the success and well-being of others–from mentoring local entrepreneurs to traveling the world to eradicate disease with the Mission Rabies project– also translates to business success. Gain inspiration and ideas to further your own career and publishing efforts with a focus on social good as a core business principle during this keynote talk followed by Q&A.

It used to be said that everyone has a story. Now it seems like everyone has a podcast. But not all podcasts tell their stories as well as they could, and not all monetize with sponsorships or mid-roll and pre-roll ads. The two podcasts you will hear from—Jeff Lenard who works on Convenience Matters for NACS; and Kat Shamapande, who works on and hosts Let’s Get Surety for NASBP—accomplish both with style and a dedicated audience. Join podcast producer and collaborator Blake Althen as he leads us in key lessons for making your podcast into a resounding success.


Blake Althen, Co-owner and producer, Human Factor 

Jeff Lenard, Vice President, Strategic Industry Initiatives, NACS

Kat Shamapande, Director, Professional Development, National Association of Surety Bond Producers 


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Are you up-to-date on the latest trends, discussions, and terms related to language that supports DEI efforts? As writers and editors, and publishing professionals, these three presenters will speak to how associations can use inclusive language in their writing and other communications efforts. Attendees will leave the session knowing some of the latest language trends to be more inclusive in their association publications, scholarly communications, and media. Attendees will also be able to understand and explain to their colleagues and staff why using conscious and inclusive language is important. Finally, attendees will know where to go for resources, including style guides geared toward specific groups, and the benefit of using sensitivity readers.


Nicole B. Racadag, MSJ, Team Lead, Publications, American College of Radiology

Kelley Butler, Director, Content Marketing, Businessolver

Jenny PengSenior Publisher, Oxford University Press

Damita Snow, CAE, Senior Manager for Publishing Technologies, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)


Specialized Track sponsored by :

How do you convince busy professionals to commit to write for you? From articles to books, digital and/or print, what are the magic words that describe the “personal ROI” to potential authors/speakers? And how can you create and leverage cross-media content and marketing opportunities to benefit both your contributors and your organization?


Alison Lake, Team Lead, Content Acquisitions, Bloomberg Law

Michaela Brennan, Legal Content Editor, Education, American Association for Justice (AAJ)

Rob Anderson, Senior Director of Publishing, American Health Law Association (AHLA)

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As an editor, you learn to know what audiences need so you can publish content they will read and use. You know how to use existing and new formats to deliver content when and how it will resonate most. And you know how to set goals and measure success. Guess what? The rest of the association also creates and publishes content. (It’s known as the organization’s programs, products, services, information, resources, and tools.) But most of them don’t have the knowledge and skills that you have. And your knowledge and skills would make a significant difference in all of the association’s content! This session will cover 

  1. How to spread content strategy skills to the rest of the association
  2. How to get buy-in for a strategic approach to all of the association’s content
  3. How to increase the organization’s content strategy maturity, starting where they are and growing over time


Hilary Marsh, Founder, Chief Content and Digital Strategist, Content Company

Stacey Moncrieff, Vice President, Business Communications and Publishing, National Association of Realtors


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Prepacked lunches for easy social distancing, stepping outside or finding a quiet spot to eat.

1. Let First-Party Data Change Your Life, Hum

Associations and publishers are prolific sources of trusted, reliable content. And they have broad audiences who rely on that content. Gathering, understanding, and actioning first-party data at the intersection of your audience and content can dramatically improve your value proposition to your members and readers, increase your audience size, improve your entire product line-up, and open up new non-dues revenue streams.

Third-party data is out; first-party data is in. If you’re not gathering and using your first-party data, you’re going to get eaten for lunch. Join John Challice to hear how Hum lets associations and publishers use their first-party data to grow.

Attend this session to learn how Hum:

  • Uses an AI-based natural language processing tool to understand what content is about
  • Actions audience and content data in the service of marketing, events, membership, education, publishing, and more
  • Lets you turn your first-party data into a valuable strategic asset.

2. Silicon Valley Wants You! Monetizing Your Print and Digital Ad Inventory with Venture Capital,  Arrandale Ventures 

Start getting a piece of the $80 BILLION(!) that B2B startups spent on marketing with Google, Facebook and Amazon last year. At this Speed Talk, you will learn how you can trade your publication’s print and digital advertising inventory for equity in startups backed by some of the country’s best investors. Arrandale Ventures is a venture capital firm launched by Zachary Richner, third-generation family owner of one of the largest local newspaper groups in the U.S., to support local and traditional media organizations as well as the communities they serve.

3. State of the Inbox, Omeda

Dive into Omeda’s database to see an exclusive look at the insights from 7 billion emails sent over the past year. See the latest trends including the impact from Apple MPP and clickbots, and get strategies you can implement immediately to increase email engagement, presented by Tony Napoleone VP, Client Experience, Omeda.

In this panel discussion, experts from the publishing ethics domain will discuss the emerging nature of information outlets diverging  from reliable and trustworthy to outright misleading. The audience will gather actionable guidance on how to handle challenges associated with viral spread of misinformation & disinformation when there is a need for both speed and accuracy to mitigate  the damage, correct the record, and reestablish trust with audiences. This panel will also discuss what to expect and how to handle the latest trend of cancel culture.  

Learning Objectives: 

After attending this session, the audience will be able to:

  1. Design strategies to handle and contain the spread of viral misinformation and disinformation.
  2. Devise a plan to rapidly and responsibly mediate unduly response to shared content.

Envision ways of aligning the goals and missions of the association/organization in the event of cancel culture.


Randy Townsend, Director, Publishing Operations, Public Library of Science

Dr. Chhavi Chauhan, Director of Journal Continuing Medical Education Program, American Society for Investigative Pathology


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Publishing a web article in print?! A “reverse” publishing strategy may feel unnatural, but it may be one of the most cost-effective ways to test out your content ideas and gather valuable data about your audience’s preferences and engagement level before investing your resources in print. Learn how to harness digital tools, including Google Search Console, Google Trends and, to optimize print content. Participants will have an opportunity to workshop their ideas and get inspired for a reverse publishing project. 

Attendees will:

Discover where to look and how to find analytics and search results to glean audience insights to inform story ideas. 

Workshop new content ideas to test when you return to the office. This process will include evaluating candidates for reverse publishing, planning translation to print and determining KPIs. 

Learn how two national health organizations used digital results to inform print editorial planning. 


Megan KramerSenior Content Manager, GLC

Laura PembertonAssociate Vice President, Content, National Multiple Sclerosis Society


Specialized Track sponsored by :

Everybody talks about “storytelling” as a better way to communicate, but it’s become such a broad buzzword that the board room concept rarely becomes a Slack channel reality that factors into our day-to-day communications work. This workshop-style session covers the science and traditions behind storytelling. It’s a mix of presentation and hands-on activities that help us understand WHAT stories are, WHY they’re so important and HOW we can effectively put the principles of story to use.


Randy Ford, Writer & Storytelling Strategist, First Story Strategies

Alexis Redmond, JD, MA, CAE, Managing Director, Legal, Risk, and Compliance Leadership Community, Manufacturers Alliance

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Learn what’s working in today’s fast-paced media and sponsorship world. We will share best practices, avoidable pitfalls, and emerging trends to engage readers, members, and industry partners.  Come “Close Win” with us and take back ideas to drive meaningful revenue.


Jay Blankenship, Director, Sales Consulting and Advisory, MCI USA

Bill Bell, SVP Director of Sales and Business Development, Fox Associates, Inc.

Joe Fernandez, Director, Advertising Sales & Business Development, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Specialized Track sponsored by :

  • Spend this time making new connections and reconnecting with familiar faces,
  • Visit service providers in the exhibit space,
  • Check out the AMPLIFY: Connect! lounge space,
  • Grab a few ideas and inspiration from the Idea Swap table. 

Wrap up Day 1 with a star-studded reception just prior to the EXCEL Awards Gala.

Get ready to celebrate!

SIIA’s EXCEL Awards is the largest and most prestigious program recognizing excellence and leadership in association media, publishing, marketing and communication. With 240 awards presented across 82 categories, the ceremony culminated with the EXTRA! Award, honoring the most outstanding entry across all categories.

Thursday, June 23

For the latest COVID and event cancellation policies, please click here.

Breakfast will be available.

As communicators and content creators, sometimes the most effective change we can make is through language. The AM&P Network community is brimming with people who individually and collectively make DEI change and progress through the work they do every day.

Hosted by incoming Associations Council President Stacy Brooks Whatley, hear from several AM&P Network leaders who have shown proven and meaningful progress on the front lines of DEI change.

Billy Williams
EVP for Ethics, Diversity, and Inclusion
American Geophysical Union

Dr Bibiana Campos Seijo
VP of C&EN Media Group and Editor in Chief, C&EN
American Chemical Society

Eric D. Randall, MBA
New York State School Boards Association

While the death of the third-party cookie coming in 2023 has some businesses scrambling, publishers can differentiate and future-proof their organization by prioritizing first-party data. Since it started 10 years ago, business journalism company Industry Dive has collected first-party data when readers subscribe to its email newsletters. Today, as a $100M in-revenue business journalism company with 25 digital publications, websites and free email newsletters, this data gives them the ability to understand, optimize and monetize their audiences. Join Davide Savenije, editor-in-chief at Industry Dive, and Robin Re, VP of marketing at Industry Dive, to hear how Industry Dive uses first-party data to power both award-winning journalism and company revenue.

Attend this session to learn how to:

  1. Future-proof your media business with a first-party data strategy
  2. Collect audience data in a meaningful way
  3. Use first-party data to power content creation and marketing


Davide Savenije, Editor in Chief, Industry Dive

Robin Re, VP of Marketing, Industry Dive

Collaborating with creative partners is one powerful way for associations and brands to achieve greater success and visibility for their initiatives—while providing value to their members. Hear how a recently successful digital and print campaign centering on precision medicine enabled one healthcare association to position itself as a trusted resource for its audience, increase engagement with its diverse content portfolio, and differentiate itself in a growing marketplace.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Receive tips on collaborating as an internal team—as well as with creative partners—to assure your brand and content strategies are working together.
  2. Learn strategies to deliver exceptional digital experiences that can inform, educate, and inspire members while fueling your organization’s growth. 
  3. Understand how metrics can identify which marketing strategies and tactics are most effective for displaying content and providing resources to members.


Lisa Townsend, Senior Director, Marketing & Communications, Association of Community Cancer Centers

Sarah Gaydos, Art Director & Data Visualization Specialist, Graphek

The Antiracism Toolkit for Organizations provides tools for understanding institutionalized racism, broadening hiring and recruiting practices, working to correct bias, including historically excluded perspectives in decision-making, measuring the impact of DEI efforts, and creating affinity groups and mentorship programs. In this session, you will learn practical ways to transform your workplace by implementing inclusive policies, procedures, and norms and will learn why we need to move beyond a diversity mindset to an actively antiracist mindset. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of how systemic racism manifests in the field of publishing, how to make equity work effective and sustainable, and how to recruit and retain BIPOC staff.


John Warren, Professor, George Washington University Publishing Program

Erin Landis, Origin Editorial

Madelene Sutton, AIP Publishing

Do you have questions you’re curious about regarding a large population? Questions you’d like to ask a small, specific group? Some people might automatically be drawn to surveys to address and gather information from multiple sources, but research methods are as flexible and diverse as the people you are collecting the information from. We will be exploring the many different strategies to approach a research project and ways to customize the experience to clients’ needs.


Jennifer Hajigeorgiou, Director of Content Strategy, National Association of Realtors

Anna Schnerre, Business Insights Research Associate, National Association of Realtors

Prepacked lunches for easy social distancing, stepping outside or finding a quiet spot to eat.

At the “Eye on EXCELlence” session, we’ll be celebrating two of our accomplished EXCEL award-winning entries. Featuring the representatives from the submitting associations, you’ll hear from a select group of industry panelists, who will highlight the factors that put these two entries over the top to become award-winners, and helped the organization to succeed in its goals. This favorited session returns for its fifth year and is both fun and informative. See you there!


Ernie Achenbach, Director, Unleashed Technologies

Hear from event marketing experts as they share quick tips and techniques to amp up your marketing efforts. From tried-and-true practices, to new strategies for virtual, hybrid and in-person events, this session will provide practical take-aways that you can implement in your own event marketing.


Veronica Purvis, Associate Executive Director, Skin of Color Society

Jemilah Senter, Vice President Marketing Communications, MCI USA

Moving an association from diversity statements to demonstrable inclusion requires purposeful action, an openness to learn, and a willingness to reexamine processes. Since magazines are often the most visible publication, they provide an opportunity to demonstrate an organizational commitment to DEIA (diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility). Using examples and resources from their publishing experiences, Melanie Padgett Powers and Lilia LaGesse will share why incorporating DEIA at all levels of the magazine is important. Discussion will cover accessible multimedia considerations to finding more diverse member sources, writers, and story ideas. Participants will leave the session with a better understanding of key terminology as well as tips and strategies on how to integrate DEIA into their publications’ processes.


Lilia LaGesse, Creative & Digital Strategist – Design & Branding Consultant

Melanie Padgett Powers, Freelance Editor & Writer, MelEdits

Social media is a powerful tool in connecting the world together and while managing an account can feel like swimming in a giant ocean, it doesn’t have to be. Social media channels (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram) all have their own ways of connecting much more nuanced and more niche audiences. In this session, Yes&’s Director of Social Media will help teams build an understanding of the importance of social media and how they can make it work for them.

We will specifically overview three pillars of social media when it comes to the specialized information industry and associations:

  1. How to build an audience
  2. How to consistently engage with an audience
  3. How to measure the effectiveness of your content


Debbie Bates-Schrott, Senior Vice President, Yes&

Nicole Glueckert, Director of Social Media, Yes&

Morgan Roth, Chief Communication Strategy Officer, EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases 

Jennifer Martin, Senior Director of Communications, Sugar Associations

The inaugural Signature Live! event is person at AMPLIFY 2022, covering the March/April cover story, “Who Will Be the Next in Line? A good succession plan isn’t just about long-term security — it’s about ongoing development and growth.”


Carla Kalogeridis, Publisher, Signature magazine

Thomas Marcetti, Editor, Signature magazine

Tiffani R. Alexander, Associate Vice President, Editorial Strategy, at the Association of Corporate Counsel

Amy Repke, Vice President of Communications and Marketing, Community Associations Institute (CAI) 

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