How to Properly Measure Your Windows

Packaging on return shipments is the responsibility of the customer. Remember it is only necessary to give the measurement to an 1/8 of an inch. Be sure to clearly indicate which measurement is width and which is height. The information here can empower you to make intelligent decisions for your unique situation.

  • Internet archive as you may already have known is a non-profit library where you can find millions of free ebooks, movies, music, software, and other online articles.
  • On some laptops and other devices, you may need to press the + Ctrl + PrtScn or + Fn + PrtScn keys instead.
  • If installing Windows on your Mac for the first time, this must be a full version of Windows, not an upgrade.

You can select Full-screen snip to automatically take the screenshot of the full-screen. You can also select the Windows snip to automatically take the screenshot of a single window. The last option is the free form snip which simply means that you will be able to take a screenshot in whatever form you want e.g. circle, star shape, rectangle, square, random shape etc. For capturing any part of the screen in a screenshot, press the Windows logo + Shift + S keys together.

Eastlink’s Miramichi, New Brunswick expansion will ‘go live in the coming months’

Both Windows and macOS come with an annotation feature set as part of their standard tool sets. On an iOS device, hit the menu icon and then select the Notes tab to view all of the notes and highlights. Fortunately, whether reading digitally or online, annotations aren’t as damaging. Annotations done correctly and in the right places can improve your productivity and memory. When working on papers online with a team, annotations are helpful as well.

AMD in particular is a threat for Intel in the CPU market so Intel needs to step up its game. However, for GPUs, NVIDIA still remains undefeated. “Some VPNs may not work with Advanced Networking.


However, the difference is that when you select this option, the setup will download a fresh installation image from the Microsoft server. The Reset process returns the operating system to factory-install condition using a “recovery image” . The recovery image is created when Windows 10 is first installed and saved in a discrete portion of the hard drive, so you don’t need installation media to use the Reset option. You don’t even need an Internet connection, although you do need a decent amount of free disk space, since the stored image must be maintained throughout the process. After you complete the steps, repeat the instructions to back up the remaining accounts .

When you pick up your Kindle, you’ll find the PDF at the top of your home screen. Now, you can either directly drag and drop a PDF on the app icon, or you can open the app, and drag a PDF to the app window. Now, connect your Kindle to your computer using a Micro USB data cable. In a couple of seconds, Calibre will add your Kindle to the app. This will force your Kindle to sync and download pending items.

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